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mothsEnco can analyse for any of the commonly used mothproofing or insect resist chemicals in any of the above products and express the results in terms of percentage presence of the active ingredient or the formulation or in terms of the protection designations of the Woolmark or the Wools of New Zealand brands.

Enco is trusted by companies involved in the use of mothproofing all around the world and was originally involved in the creation of both Woolmark and WONZ designation schemes as well as in the development of the standard methods of active ingredient analysis.

Enco works with the manufacturers and suppliers of mothproofing and insect resist chemicals to ensure that their products meet the expected standards and can be applied safely in terms of the final product and the mill environment.

Damage complaints from insect attack on carpets or apparel can be investigated by Enco with analytical results and comprehensive reports for the public, retailers, suppliers or manufacturers.

The optimisation of mothproofing processes to minimise emissions to sewer has been at the centre of work carried out for the carpet industry and dyehouses which serve it. Significant advances have been made, including –

  • Development and implementation of a code of practice and equipment for the safe handling of mothproofing agent in dyehouses.
  • A systematic evaluation of the interactions between wastewater residues and application conditions
  • Establishing Audit procedures and whole site mass balance techniques for active substances
  • Recycling of waste streams and the development of low residue application technologies