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Register your Product

Aquiring a licence to use the EnviroSeal Mark

EnviroSeal-Certification-mark-EGTS-1502-213x300All EnviroSeal certified products are entitled to carry the EnviroSeal Mark; no additional licence is required.

EnviroSeal Marks can only be used on certified products. All certified product formulations and their commercial names need to be registered.

Once registered, they will be listed by type or application method in the EnviroSeal directory published on the Enco website.

The use of the Green WoolSafe and CleanSeal Environmental Marks

Existing WoolSafe or CleanSeal licensees have the right to use the Green WoolSafe and CleanSeal Environmental Mark at no extra cost. These products will also be listed and promoted on the WoolSafe and CleanSeal websites.

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Cost of licensing and product certification

You can work out the cost of the testing and certification of your product by using the EnviroSeal Fees Calculator on our website. A sheet with the basic fees is also enclosed in this folder. However, it is best to get in touch with us at the WoolSafe office to get the accurate figure taking into account any discounts applicable.

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