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Enco can carry out the sophisticated analysis need to determine the concentrations of a large number of the most commonly used sheep dip pesticides in:

  •  Raw Wool
  • Scoured Wool
  • Wool Products
  • Process Liquors
  • Waste Effluents
  • Waste Sludges from effluent treatment
  • Wool greases

Reports indicating the presence or absence of these substances down to part per trillion levels can be produced and used for certificates or the suppliers internal information.

Enco also has a significant amount of data on the pesticide levels in raw and scoured wools grown in, or imported into the UK, and this is available to clients in the form of a database. For example, database has been used to support companies involved in obtaining Permits to Operate from the UK Environment Agency (EA), and has been used by wool processing companies to avoid causing contamination as a result of processing wools from certain origins.